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  • LED Laterne Mesh
  • Windlichtglas Wildlife
  • Korkuntersetzer
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Our accessories complement the furnishing of your room. This will include trends in the areas of textiles, accessories and interior design. In addition, we offer attractive and trendy decorative and natural items from a single source and thus ideally complement our candle assortments. This makes it a child's play to realise creative decoration ideas.

Products from Balthasar

  • Windlight Wildlife
    Windlight Wildlife
  • LED Bottle Perfect Moment
    LED Bottle Perfect Moment
  • Windlight Net
    Windlight Net
  • Windlight with tealights
    Windlight with tealights
  • LED storm lantern
    LED storm lantern
  • LED Lantern Mesh
    LED Lantern Mesh
  • Glass torch
    Glass torch
  • Cork coaster
    Cork coaster
  • Cork coaster
    Cork coaster
  • Wooden-plate Dotty
    Wooden-plate Dotty
  • Bamboo lantern
    Bamboo lantern
  • Concrete plate
    Concrete plate


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