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Tips & tricks for torches

With the nice weather, the need arises to enjoy a nice summer evening in the garden or on the balcony.

One time use - wax torches

Pay close attention to the burning time of wax torches. Compared to other torches, a wax torch can only be used once and cannot be refilled.

Multiple use - bamboo torches

There are several sizes of bamboo torches. They can be filled as required and are therefore very practical for multiple uses. Particularly suitable for changing locations.

Permanent use – garden torches made of stainless steel

Stainless steel torches are of higher quality in design and construction and are therefore more durable. They can also be refilled.


  • Before buying the garden torches, consider where they will be placed later. Torches with a long spike can be easily fixed in beds or on lawns, as they can be put deep into the ground and thus stand securely. The location must of course be chosen so that the flame is far enough away from flammable materials, trees and plants. It should be noted that weather and wind conditions might change.

  • For balconies and terraces we recommend a concrete base, with which the torches cannot tip over.

  • A garden torch should under no circumstances be lit in rooms as a lot of soot can develop.

  • On warm summer evenings, garden torches create an atmospheric ambience. To keep the good mood until the end, the torches may only be operated under supervision.

  • When setting up the torches, allow sufficient safety distances.

  • Pay particular attention with children: All our torches have safety closures, so torch oil cannot get into children's hands.

  • If oil is swallowed anyway, immediately consult a doctor, as the torch oil can seriously endanger your health.


Important accessories: To fill the bamboo torches and the stainless steel garden torches you need lamp oil or torch oil.